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Blueberry Scones

I’ve been a bit MIA the past week or two.  I go through crazy creative spurts and then have my days where I’m just surviving life and don’t want to do anything.  It usually coincides with how much sleep I’m getting.  It has also been unbearably hot, so who wants to turn on the stove? […]

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The Sicilian Africano!

One of the cookbook’s sitting on my shelf is ‘Southern Italian Desserts’ by Rosetta Constantino.  I bought the book in the midst of moving so I never really had too much time to work with it.  Flipping through the pages, however, it’s exactly what I wanted it to be!  The recipes are authentically Italian, and […]


The In Between

MONEY. The four letter word so bad it’s five letters. Money fears are always the f*ckers to our authenticity and manifestation, aren’t they? This has been an educating and eye opening transition for me being a stay at home mom.  On one hand, I’m always with my daughter which is exhausting but wonderful.  I would […]

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Hazelnut Pistachio Slices

Who has 12,485 cookbooks?  *raises hand*  THIS GIRL.  Who uses them?  *crickets* Oy to the vey, I’m so bad!!  I have a ton of cookbooks and while I find a lot of inspiration in them, I rarely crack one open to try a new recipe.  I go to the cracked out, ratings ridden internets.  Yack! […]


Take the Plunge!

You guys… This week I went swimming in my sisters pool.  It was magical.   According to plan, I was going to drive to LA, leave Ruby with my sis, have a good swim and then meet friends around 1pm at a local cafe. My body has been pretty beat up over the years working in […]

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Blueberry Jamboree

Hey everyone!  How we doin’?  🙂 It is insanely gorgeous up here in the mountains right now.  I know once summer hits, it’s going to get crazy hot.  I’m kinda dreading it.  I’m such a winter girl!  So I’m doing my best to enjoy it while the nice weather lasts.  🙂 And part of the […]

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Fluffernutter Brownies

While I was living in Chicago, I started a little side business on Etsy.  I sold brownies– all different kinds.  I made Classic Dark Chocolate Brownies, ‘Go Nuts’ Brownies, Grasshopper Mint with big ol’ chunks of Oreos, etc. But my best seller?  Fluffernutter Brownies.   Fluffernutter Brownies consisted of a dark chocolate brownie, with a […]

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Memorial Day Pavlova

I had every intention of posting this blog days ago… but alas, with a newborn, my time is not my own.  Actually, that’s a lie. Technically, Ruby is no longer a ‘newborn.’  At over three months, she is considered an ‘infant.’  An ‘infant?’  Sounds so…big…  No, she’s TOTALLY a newborn!!!  *cries real tears*   But I digress… […]

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Creativity and a Strawberry Cake Recipe

Ever since I gave birth, it’s like my creativity is on hyperdrive.  I didn’t just give birth to Ruby, but also, 12 million ideas that keep me from sleeping at night.  Has anyone else experienced this after birth? I’m not sure if it’s that my body was too busy creating its’ own project for the […]